As debt collection attorneys in South Africa, it’s easy to pick up on all the illegalities within a multi-million Rand industry. Debt collection attorneys go well beyond their mandate to try and claim from those they cannot claim from. Is it not worth spending your money on a debt collection attorney who does the job properly? Nevertheless, here are three things that debt collection attorneys in South Africa do, but really shouldn’t.

1. Attorneys who use threats of imprisonment 

This is a no-no within the industry, but it is shocking to realise the number of agencies and attorneys that use this dirty tactic. In a country like South Africa, people are genuinely fearful of the legal system, and will do anything to escape the clutches of the police; even if they are truly exempt from such treatment. An attorney may not use the threat of imprisonment.

2. Attorneys who constantly harass debtors 

Too many people are uneducated to the facts of what is considered harassment or not. To be clear, if an attorney repeatedly contacts you, calls you out of office hours, or contacts your place of work, this is considered harassment. If a debt collection attorney has to continually call you, then the chances are they do not understand their legal profession and the other measures of debt collection.

3. Attorneys who divulge your credit/debt history 

No one other than yourself, your creditor, your financial institution, your legal representative and the debt collection attorney or agency is allowed to know your credit status without your expressed permission. Any information divulged otherwise is illegal.

These tactics are commonly used to ‘squeeze’ money from the debtor. Make sure you understand what debt collection attorneys are allowed and not allowed to do. Alternatively, isn’t it time you used a debt collection attorney who understands the industry to head your unresolved cases of debt collection?

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