Dahlia Joselowitz and Nicole Andrews are founders and practising attorneys at Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys and proudly state,

“We’ve built up our law firm on the principles of outstanding client service and industry-leading legal assistance.”

Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys legal team delight themselves in tenaciously pursuing the interests of clients and use the exceptional insight gained over many years into the workings of complex legal systems, to allow them to overcome stalling methods effectively, neutralise technicalities and put in place the pressure necessary to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Our vision is to provide quality legal assistance to large corporate entities as well as individuals. Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys’ objective is to deliver top-quality results, using innovative legal tools and methods. No problem is too big or too small.

Our specialised legal services ensure focusing on the individual cases and the well-being of our clients. We will assist you with professional legal services relating to various aspects of the law. If you need a team who will walk the journey with you and produce the right solutions to your concerns, you have found people with experience and know-how to deliver satisfaction from start to finish.

Personal and attentive assistance with these issues is something in which each member of our team takes pride in. If you have a pressing issue – contact us immediately! We can assure you – as soon as we hear from you – we will respond.

What you can expect when working with us

Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys are dedicated to providing exceptional client service with personal contact at all times.  This has been our method of doing business for years and clients have often expressed their appreciation.  What does this mean for you?

·         Quick turnaround times and effective communication, so you know exactly what is happening and when.
·         Getting the results you need by taking a firm line and no-nonsense approach to all matters in their care.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. Family Law, with a particular focus on Child Custody, Divorce, Parental Responsibilities and Maintenance matters.
  2. Commercial Law, specialising in facilitating commercial transactions and general aspects such as various types of business entities. We will advise you on all legal aspects as well as compliance with applicable legislation.
  3. Debt Collection (non-litigious/undisputed) services for local and international clients with monies amounting to over R100 000.
  4. Insolvent Companies/Directors, by acting on behalf of Creditors and Liquidators, engaging forensic auditors and acting on behalf of distressed directors both in South Africa and internationally.

“What great and efficient service! We only dealt with Dahlia for a short period but are very impressed overall.”


“Dahlia has our back! Their work is fantastic, and they offer phenomenal legal advice and feedback. It is easy and enjoyable to work with attorneys that really care.”


“Dahlia assisted me in recovering a large amount of money that was owing to my company. She worked diligently and professionally with regards to the case. A job well done!”


“Dahlia is brilliant and extremely professional!”


“I have been dealing with Nicole since August 2015. She has brought a very personal touch to her service. She will always make herself available to answer questions and concerns I have and offer great advice. Having reassuring legal service is so important and having had some negative experiences with other firms, I am finally happy to have the support I need.”


“We, unfortunately, had to contact a lawyer due to circumstances beyond our control. We attended court on four different occasions.  Nicole was with us every step of the way. When we lost the faith, she had enough faith for us all.  We eventually won our case and all the father’s rights were put in place, including having the father’s name put on the birth certificate, which was something very serious to us. We can safely recommend her to anybody who has or has never dealt with the law. She is capable, pays attention to every little detail and follows through. What makes Nicole Andrews even more special, is the fact she knows the law and fights for justice on every platform. To sum Nicole Andrews up in one word, which is difficult as there are so many words we could use, she is “AMAZING”. We wish you every success in your future endeavours. Thank you, Nicole, for everything!”


“Nicole’s service was amazing. She has been patient with me all the way. Nicole took the time to listen showed empathy when no else from various government departments did. She was professional yet kind. The service from Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys was exceptional, excellent, and precise all the way. I will recommend and use their services anytime.