Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys legal team at their Johannesburg law firm specialise in undisputed debt collections that amount to over R100, 000. These collections are ‘undisputed’ because if there is a dispute then the matter becomes litigious. These usually take the form of very common situations where people who owe money try and use stalling tactics that have no substance to delay payment, promises are made and not kept or where firms say that they are waiting for money and as soon as they get it, they’ll pay you. Whatever the excuse, you’ve heard it all before.

As debt collection attorneys in South Africa, our team have perfected a swift, no-nonsense way of collecting monies and have been employed by both companies in South Africa and internationally to do so. Of necessity, we do not give up. In the past, if a company is placed in liquidation, we have conducted numerous enquiries on behalf of local and international companies in terms of the Companies Act, locating assets and bringing the director to book. Due to our success in this venture, liquidations and insolvencies have become a significant focus of our practice. If you are looking for firm debt collection services and legal assistance that is effective in getting results, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Tough and Unusual Debt Collection Measures Bring Exceptional Results

When we commenced acting as attorneys for several large commercial firms years ago, our law firm used to send letters of demand to wayward debtors and we would receive petrified responses from credit controllers or Senior Financial Managers advising us that payment would be made the next day. How times have changed! Unfortunately, letters of demand sent by credit departments, attorneys and law firms count for nothing these days and the need to develop drastic measures to collect outstanding debts has become the order of the day. When it comes to debt collection, Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys do not back down. When you partner with us for your debt collection needs, we apply innovative legal assistance to get swift results.


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    Initial consultations are charged at R1500.00. Thereafter, should you wish for us to act on your behalf, a fee is discussed and agreed upon whereafter we can move forward with your matter. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible – as we are aware that these cases are often urgent.

    What makes Joselowitz & Andrews Attorneys debt collection services stand out from the crowd?

    • Years of experience at your service
    • Years of experience in dealing with debt collection and the obstacles creditors face
    • We recognize and understand delaying tactics and have the know-how to overcome them
    • We are prepared to take the firmest stance possible to get our clients the results they are looking for
    • Legal assistance based on tried and tested methods
    • Access to a legal team dedicated to bringing you rapid results

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