Family Law cases are largely dependent on outcomes determined in Family Court’s proceedings. However, parents sometimes overstep predetermined grounds and rules regarding cases in order to achieve their own desired outcome. Doing this can be incriminating, and will result in the parent losing their case or worse.

Bugging Case

A recent court case in Family Court found a father guilty of bugging his daughter’s school uniform in order to find out important information discussed between the daughter, the mother as well as social workers. The cheap recording device was sewn into the girl’s clothing and recordings were saved throughout numerous days in which meetings would take place.

Additionally, the father and his new partner would place recording devices in rooms where the daughter and social workers would have meetings. This was all done in order for the father to find out crucial information regarding the daughter’s expected change of residence and guardianship from the father to the mother.

Overstepping The Law

This is a classic case of the father breaching the daughter’s privacy, and is not only illegal but the finding of which certainly contributed to the father losing his battle in court. The judge believed that by bugging his daughter’s clothing, the father has significantly damaged his relationship with his child, and such a situation warranted a change of guardianship.

In any event, such a breach of law and an invasion of privacy may mean an outcome worse than a change in the outcome of the court case. It may also mean that the person responsible for any legal breach will have to pay fines, damages and can even face imprisonment.

It is important that with all cases regarding Family Law that parties take into consideration the advice given to them by legal professionals. A Family Law attorney will be able to provide you with all the necessary information concerning one’s actions and responsibilities from the onset of all legal cases.