What Is The Outcome Of Domestic Violence On Child Custody Cases?

When the court makes decisions at the conclusion of litigated child custody cases, it is made in the best interests of the children. Every child custody case is handled in this way. These decisions in court are sometimes overwhelmingly dictated by circumstances and one such factor that affects the family is that of domestic violence. The court will consider an almost immediate custody order because that will be in the best interests of the child.

Currently, domestic violence is becoming increasingly common however it is unsure why this is the case. Family members might have become more brazen to actually expose another family member of domestic violence or it could also be that the actual domestic violence instances increased. When the court has to deal with domestic violence,  a childcarer has to be chosen quickly and the perpetrator of the domestic abuse must either be imprisoned or faced with other penal measures in court.

There are many different forms of domestic abuse as previously explained. They are not all seen as domestic violence, but criminal charges will be laid when there is proof of a single case of domestic violence or sexual abuse, and when there is proof of consistent emotional or economic abuse. When two parents vie for custody of their children,  the victim will immediately be given caretaking duties if they are in any capacity able to provide for their children.

The court does not permit living with a perpetrator who has committed domestic abuse in any form. Although a child or children are not the victims of an abuser’s crimes, they would not be expected to live in the same house as an abuser because the custody and care of the child/children are always made in their best interests.

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